October 19, 2016

Meet the newest additions to the Modular family

September marked a third productlaunch at Modular! We've added three completely new luminaires, catering to the needs of both office, retail and private projects. We also updated two of our established icons. Let’s introduce them to you.


Spektra: versatile and precise trackspot.

Spektra is Modular’s latest retail dedicated spotlight. It’s the result of the first collaboration with Florent Coirier, a Paris-based designer. “We believe in objects with meaning, so that they give meaning to everyday lives”, thus Coirier. The design for Spektra was inspired by this creed, resulting in a very precise Modular trackspot, ideal for retail application.

This fixture is the first trackspot in the Modular portfolio that has an adjustable zoom lens. A powerful lighting solution that was inspired by an astronomical telescope, it allows users to easily adjust the beam angle (15-55 degrees) and inclination of the luminaire. Spektra makes sure you only highlight targeted areas. Finally, its quality of light is excellent (CRI 90 or more), mimicking natural light. This is exactly what retailers need to put their goods in the spotlight.


Wollet: adjustable thin light panel.

A home needs cosiness. This can be achieved by using subtle lighting. Lighting solutions that create that cocoon-like atmosphere. Well, Wollet is that luminaire! It spreads a beautiful diffused light, thanks to the used OLED technology. It's a one-fold fixture, consisting of three components: a tight casing, a paper-thin OLED light source and a special hinge.

Its hinge not only allows you to tilt the light plate up to 180°, but also changes the look and feel of the luminaire. As always with Modular lighting solutions, technology and driver are seamlessly integrated into the device.


Sulfer: design luminaire for both in- and outdoor.

Our new Sulfer is a minimalist square-shaped fixture whose name refers to 'sulfur', the substance that's used for matches. This cast aluminium luminaire brings a modern accent to your walls, whether in- or outside (IP54) and fits perfect in private residences, hotels, restaurants etc.

By default, Sulfer diffuses a wide beam of light (flood), yet you can combine this fixture with an additional beam angle plate (medium or small). This nice little feature allows you to customize the beam. On top of that, the diffuser is recessed into the casing, making sure Sulfer never blinds you by distributing indirect light.


SLD50: LED profile with an all-seeing eye.

The popular SLD family of LED profiles welcomes its newest member: SLD50. This extremely thin (50 mm) profile integrates Modular’s brand-new Eyeball: a small, yet highly powerful, adjustable spot that is 360° rotatable and 30° adjustable in both directions.

Its sleek design comes with a new anti-glare prismatic diffuser, making SLD50 a perfect office lighting solution that can also be used in private residences or hospitality environments. It displays great CCT and CRI consistency across the different LED technologies (downlight, uplight and spotlight), making it an even more versatile fixture.


Flat moon update makes this enchanting moonlight an exceptionally slim fixture

Contemporary architectural projects love a minimalist, slim lighting design. Modular has risen to the challenge by developing a new proprietary LED PCB solution for a more homogeneous light surface. The first luminaire to integrate this new component is Flat Moon: a stylish, reduced height fixture (78 mm) that distributes a soft, yet functional light. Office-compliant when combined with one of the prismatic diffusers, it is also a perfect fit for public spaces, hotels, restaurants or retail environments.

Being exceptionally versatile, Flat moon can either be surface-mounted, recessed or suspended (with two types of suspension kits for either down or up/down lighter). You can even mount it directly onto the gear. Flat moon comes in three sizes: 450, 650 or 950 mm diameter. That's what we call versatility!


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