July 14, 2015

Engineering design inspired by nature.

Modular Lighting Instruments has a lot of lighting solutions inspired by nature. For example; designers and engineers looked at insect sticks to design Médard or trees to develop Branch and Fall. We covered these designs before, but now we want to highlight one of our latest lighting solutions inspired by Mother Nature.


Drupl 70

One of our latest releases, Drupl 70, is a great example to show the important role nature plays in the development of new technologies and products. We tried to recreate that magical moment when sunlight hits a raindrop in this office fixture. 

This luminaire is specifically designed for the office market and uses a unique combination of two technologies: LED lighting and optical components (lenses). This creates a bright and glare-free light that perfectly fits office areas because of the extremely low UGR of only 13! Drupl 70 meets the requirements of EN12464-1, which regulates workstation lighting. 

The intriguing visual effect of the lenses, in combination with LED technology makes this luminaire look like raindrops hanging on a profile and sunlight shining through them.  By putting lenses on top of the LED lighting, we were able to control and direct the light under a certain angle, just like when sunlight hits water. 

The H-shaped base of this luminaire houses the gears in the upper part. The bottom part, housing the technology, should be finished off with a special cover finishing. We have three designs and it’s up to you to decide which one fits best: curved, straight or sharp. These covers give the Drupl 70 that extra touch.


Bionic heatsinks

A lot of our latest spotlights have a specially designed bionic heat sink. Modular R&D has developed these their selves. They're so proud of them they even like to show them, while most manufacturers tend to hide this technology. On our latest Nomad 111 the heat sinks are visible at all times and are a key feature of the design. These ensure a longer life cycle of these products and are also inspired by nature, more specifically by the veins of a leaf and the human blood circulation. 

You can see in the picture below our heat sinks (right), next to a conventional one (left). The heat sinks Modular R&D created dissipate warmth more efficiently and naturally.  


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