June 19, 2015

Meet our new products

For the second time in only a few months we are presenting a load of novelties to the public. This time we proudly present to you reworks of Modular icons and an innovative new fixture: Drupl 70! Let’s start by introducing our newest Modular family member.


Drupl 70

Did you ever witness that magical moment when sunlight hits a raindrop? This tends to create an eye-catching lighting spectacle which we wanted to recreate in our latest fixture: Drupl 70.

This special luminaire is specifically designed for the office market. It uses a unique combination of optic lenses on top of the LED lighting to create bright and glare-free light. This combination makes sure the Drupl 70 has a very low UGR of only 13 and ensures a perfect fit in all offices! Our R&D department was firm from the start to make Drupl 70 pay homage to this new technology. The intriguing visual effect of the optical components (the lenses) in combination with LED technology is what inspired us to make the technology visible and leading.

Of course you can further tweak Drupl 70 to your liking. First of all, you’re free to choose the colors of the base, top cover and finishing covers. These come in anodized alu, black-, white structure and in RAL colors. Next, you can also choose your favorite shape for the finishing covers which hide all screws at the bottom part of the fixture. We have three designs and it’s up to you to decide which one fits best: curved, straight or sharp.  This refined finishing makes the Drupl 70 a very elegant continuous lighting solution. 


K72 & K77 adjustable

K is one of those fixtures who earned its spurs in the Modular range. That is why we decided it deserves to have an LED dedicated make-over. We made this decision to honour an icon we hope to remain in the Modular portfolio for many more years! This spotlight is versatile to say the least! Suitable for both general and accent lighting, our new K comes in two versions: a fixed (K72) and an adjustable (K77) one and in two colors: our new donkey grey and white structure.

K72 is fitted with a glass cover, which makes it standard IP54. This means it can be installed in moist rooms. K77 in turn was developed as an extension to K72. In easy terms this could be called K72's adjustable sister. It is as basic as K72, but the adjustability means it looses its IP54 rating. Both K72 as  K77 adjustable have a very low build-in height of only 60 mm, which makes them one of the smallest LED spots in the market! To finish things off; their dedicated heat sink guarantees an extremely long life cycle.


Nomad 111

Nomad is another Modular classic that really deserves its LED make-over! This refined fitting with its characteristic industrial look-and-feel is perfect for highlighting special elements in every interior. Again, as with the Drupl 70, technology is key here. Its visible wiring and heatsinks prove that you don't always have to hide all technical components to make a fixture look good. The Nomad family comprises a wide range of lighting solutions and with the integration of the new M-LED 111, in combination with the appropriate LED gear, Nomad is ready for a bright future! This Nomad 111 comes in a two- or four lamps version and in alu, black or white structure.   



Yet another Modular icon we like to keep around for many more years: Slide. Its name refers to the light gliding out of the luminaire thanks to its nice designed inner body, combined with a deeply embedded light source. This results in a soft and smooth lighting experinece. It comes in the new Modular donkey grey structure with black inner body or in a complete white structure version. 

Next to its great design, Slide is equipped with highly performant dedicated LED technology, combined with a Modular designed reflector. To finish things off, this fixture is fitted with two asymmetrcal leaf springs, which allows an easy installation on any surface, and a transparent glass to ensure an IP54 rating. This is why Slide fits perfectly in bathrooms or sheltered outdoor areas. 


Smart Cake/Kup/Lotis 160

Smart cake, -kup and -lotis are all part of Modular's beloved Smart family. A family characterized by its styling, based on our most popular iconic designs who are happy to introduce to you a new diameter size: 160. The Smart cake's gently sloping sides ensure a soft distribution of light, while Smart kup's cone ends in a fine subtle trim that is also used in several other Modular luminaires. Smart lotis in turn is the best known fixture within the Smart family. Its deeply recessed cone holds the light source and inspired our designers to create a highly versatile spot. The complete Smart family can be combined with multiple Smart accessories (a Smart mask, surface box or tubed). 

SInce its introduction in 2012, Smart has become an extensive portfolio with a full range of lighting solutions, including different diameters and accessories. Our latest Smart 160 is designed as a general lighting spot for retail, office and hospitality applications. It comes with a transparant glass or a diffuse polycarbonate. Both versions are IP54 and can be combined with the Smart mask. Combined with an appropriate driver it can be tuned in output from 2700 up to 4500 lumen and its specially designed bionic heat sink enables a long life cycle with high efficiency! 


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