June 9, 2015

Designs inspired by nature

A lot of our lighting solutions are inspired by nature. This means our R & D department often takes a peek at Mother Nature to find inspiration for the design or technology of a new fixture. Here's an overview!



One of our latest luminaires is a perfect example of nature being a source of inspiration for our designers. Of course we are talking about Vaeder, designed by interior designer Gerd Couckhuyt. This new fixture is known for its characteristic honeycomb structure, which in combination with a wafer-thin diffuser reduces glare to a minimum. This makes it a perfect office luminaire, perfect to be mounted above your desk.


Flat Moon (Square)

Flat moon, what’s in a name. It’s clear from the start that this luminaire is inspired by one of nature’s brightest celestial bodies: our moon. Looking like an enchanting full moon, Flat moon shines its uniform and functional light into your room with an outstanding lighting performance.



Izar may look a bit futuristic, but fundamentally its shape is based on another nightly celestial body: a star! This three-legged, rounded star, again by interior designer Gerd Couckhuyt, looks great in combination with others of its kind, so it looks like a starry night sky. This luminaire cries to be used creatively!



Médard proves nature is the best source of inspiration for great designs. It was Dutch design agency Bleijh who came up with the idea of designing Médard like an insect stick. Its quircky nature also fits the Modular DNA perfectly and its highly versatile orientable head makes sure this lamp fits all rooms and applications! This design has managed to bring home two awards: the iF Design Award for 2015 and the Good Industrial Design Award 2014!



Lighitng modules that look like tree stumps? Well, that can only be Branch (again; what’s in a name?)! They can be clicked together, using connectors, to resemble tree branches of various heights. These look great in a outdoor environment, like your garden! You can choose to put lights in the woodpecker's holes to create a mysterious effect when at night! This fixture was designed in cooperation with Rotorgroup, a Belgian designer- and communications agency. It was awarded with the Henry van de Velde Label in 2008. 



Modular of course is a Belgian company, so why not use Belgium’s humble natural environment as a source of inspiration? Belgium tends to be a windy place, which makes trees alongside canals grow in odd angles. The shape of these trees tends to be identical, so it creates a strong and recognizable image. Fall, an exterior fixture was inspired by this image, albeit in a more minimalist shape. It is bent at a 10° angle, as if the wind makes it bow. 


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